Speaking Topics

love music. It’s seriously part of my being. There is rarely a time you will find me without the local Christian radio station on, a Christian CD, or singing songs to Jesus on my own. Because Christian music is such a huge part of my Christian walk, I use music to convey my heart to others as well.

I have used the last two years developing my speaking topics, based on those Christian songs that have had such an impact in my life, brought me to the realization of things in my Christian life that needed to change, or led me to the feet of Jesus in complete worship.

The Great Adventure:
Living the Abundant Life

The Motions:
Getting out of the Stagnant Christian Life

Better Is One Day:
What it Means to be the Daughter of the King

Great Expectations:
The Real Redemption Plan

Even While I Wait:
Live While You Seek God

Fingerprints of God:
You Have a Purpose

Healing Begins:
Getting Beyond Your Past Failures & Broken Heart

I Am Not Alone:
Taking the Road Less Traveled

Word of God Speak:
Getting the Most From Your Quiet Time

Jesus Bring the Rain:
Bringing Him Glory in Tough Times

Seven Times Seventy:
Forgiving Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Before There Was Time:
God Knows You Better Than You Know Yourself

Hope Now:
Seeking the Real in an Unreal World

Get Back Up:
When the World Knocks You Down

City on Our Knees:
Making Your Prayer Life Count

God of This City:
True Worship Moments

*The Real Me:
Get Beyond the Make-Up and Pretenses

*You Are More:
Conquering the Christian Life as a Teenager
(My Personal Testimony)

*Wait for Me:
Living Pure in an Unpure World

**This Is the Stuff:
Bringing God Glory Through Life’s Mishaps

**Lead Me:
Wearing the Skirts in Your Relationship

**Slow Fade:
Dealing with Temptations Within Your Marriage

If you would like to contact me about speaking at your next women’s or teen’s function, please contact me by email (pursuing31@gmail.com). I will return the email within 24-hours. I can also tailor a speaking topic for your function’s needs, so please do not hesitate to ask!

**NOTE**  Some topics are aimed at a more specific audience.
(*) Noted are topics aimed at teens.
(**) Noted for adults.  



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