The Big Picture

Proverbs 3:5,6 – Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

My kids are counting down the last days of school. Even though they are only three and five, they are excited about going back to daycare. However, Brienna, my five-year-old continues to remind me, “We have to go to school on Monday or we will miss Fun Day.” That is the highlight of her summer so far. The funniest part of it? Once Monday comes and goes, there will be another day they have to go to daycare. But, today, you can’t convince my children that any other day more important than Monday.

I heard it best on a radio station I listen to regularly. The radio host’s son, who is seven, was thrilled when he announced, “Dad! There’s only three weeks until I get my normal life back!” Children cannot focus on events that are too far in the future. Their attention goes to the next big event on the calendar and that’s where their focus is. The parents , of course, can see it all coming – we are the ones making the plans and bringing them to fruition.

We are like that with our Heavenly Father. While we can’t see what’s coming at us tomorrow, He sees it and even knows what the end results already are! We have to trust Him to prepare us for what’s coming, and trust Him to be faithful. There are days that are easier to trust Him than other days. but in the end, if we trust Him, He will lay it all out for us in His time.

Pursuing31 Ministries is a perfect example of this. I graduated from Word of Life Bible Institute in 2001. My second year was spent in New York, and I can honestly say my favorite class was the Thursday evening class devoted to women’s ministries. I walked away from the college with my heart set on women’s ministry. After I came home, I began praying, seeking, begging, wishing and hoping that this dream would just take off. It didn’t. This dream didn’t begin until 2011 – ten years later!

I asked God “Why?” so many times, but never seemed to have an answer. He gave me this burden, so why would He not bring the rest? I realize now the reason was because I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t have the experiences I do now to be able to move forward with the dream. While the dream itself has changed over the years, the ministry is still in my heart. It’s what I want to do. However, I still have to exercise my measure of faith, my bit of patience, and my womanly grace and wait for the Lord to move.

You, too, can hold on. The Lord does not give you a burden for people or a ministry, that He’s not prepared to do anything with. Tomorrow, I will touch on the subject of “Your Heart’s Desire.”  We will cover a bit of ground on waiting and wanting our desires and how this all fits into His plan.


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