Pursuing Christ Through Faith: He Pursued You

When I first met my husband, Patrick, we were friends. In the beginning it was casual – we had met in a chat room and figured out we went to school together years before. During our friendship, he pursued me. It was not what I had set out for, but he kept calling me, writing me emails, and making plans to help me paint the house my mother and I had decided we were going to rent. And as blunt as that may seem to other people – I had no clue he wanted a relationship. But even when I couldn’t see what everyone else could, Patrick kept at it until I finally realized the obvious.

As women, we are emotional beings, seeking what fulfills those emotional needs in our life. We love romance books, flowers, dates and chivalry (in general). It is a dream come true when that huge gesture is made, right? But did you know that you are part of the Ultimate Romance Story?

WHO PURSUED YOU?  It’s true! Jesus pursued you from the beginning of creation! When this world was formed, God created man knowing that one day man would turn away from Him. He already had a plan of redemption – He knew He would send Christ to fulfill that void caused by sin. It was planned – Christ would pursue you. He would call to you, catch you, and redeem you!

WHY WOULD CHRIST PURSUE YOU? He loves you! He laid down his life for you. John 15:13 says,

Greater love hath no man that this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

And that is exactly what Christ did for every human being that will ever walk on this planet. This one act plays a part throughout history from the beginning of time. In the Old Testament, the believers were putting their faith in what Jesus would do. Believers in the New Testament were putting their faith in what Christ has already done, just as we are still doing today.

HOW DOES CHRIST PURSUE YOU? Jesus, God the Son, before His birth, could not die. There was nothing about Him that was created. He was timeless. He took on human form, and earthly body, so that He could die for our sins, redeem us, and give us hope for tomorrow. I know that it is not possible to put this all in perspective – it’s the ultimate gesture of love. No one else could make such a gesture of love!

WHEN DOES HE PURSUE YOU? He began pursuing you the moment the plan of salvation was put in motion. Today, after His sacrifice, He’s still pursuing us. He’s made the ultimate gesture; now it is our turn to respond to that gesture. We respond by exercising our faith.

Romans 12:3 says,

For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

Read this again….God has given every man the measure of faith. All the faith we will ever need is given to us – automatically. What makes the difference? Who you put your faith in. The dictionary says that faith is putting our confidence in something or someone other than ourselves – trusting in someone else’s ability.

Sadly, many will not put their faith in Christ, but rather in things such as money, people, popularity, their own physical or mental ability. This is a tragic ending to The Ultimate Love Story, because this will end with a permanent separation between Jesus and the ones He pursues. Remember: anything of this world will pass away (Mark 13:31), but what Jesus has done completed everything necessary for us to have a happy ending with the Savior!

As Christians, we put our faith in Christ – trusting that His pursuit, His last act of self-sacrifice, was enough to pay our debt to the Father. How awesome is that? He’d rather die Himself than to live an eternity without us!! If that isn’t romance, I don’t know what is!

As you go throughout the day today, remember that Christ pursued you. He wants to win your heart, your affections, your ultimate love. Thank Him for His ultimate sacrifice and pursuing you.

Dear Heavenly Father, Your Word is truth and life and light in this dark world. We thank You for the measure of faith You have given, ultimate sacrifice, and the pursuit of us, Your daughters. I pray that each woman who joins in the lessons, will be blessed, knowing that You pursued her. Let each of us feel Your love, Your comfort, and Your peace from knowing how cherished we truly are as daughters of the King. Amen.

I’d like to invite you to join me in my next blog post: Pursing Christ Through Faith: Faith in Action. And if you’d like to leave any comments or questions on the blog, feel free to! Your questions and comments will be addressed in the following podcast (see the calendar for details)!


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