Taking Faith On…One Step at a Time

Have you ever felt the call of God on your life to do something? Have you ever discovered that you had a true passion for something? Did you do anything about it? Did you step out on faith and give it a try?

I can honestly say that until the last year, I had never done a thing about my true passions. There have been many projects that came my way that I took on and they seemed to fill a void for a while. But nothing completely satisfied the longing in my heart for women in the church and the ministry that seems to have departed from the church.

I can also tell you from personal experience that until you actually take God at His Word and step out in faith, you’ve accomplished nothing. Your goal hasn’t come closer. You’ve not exercised your faith and really allow God to move in that area of your life.

Today, I am starting from the bottom, stepping out on faith with a simple blog. I will wait to see what the Lord does with it. I plan to post devotionals, prayers, and special posts from my heart as time passes and see where the Lord wants to take the ministry. Will you join me in stepping out on this one step of faith and seeing what God can do in your own life?

This is where it all begins – exercising faith – and letting the Lord provide the rest. Please, join me Wednesday, December 1st, as I begin sharing with you how to step out in faith!


One response to “Taking Faith On…One Step at a Time

  1. Good for you, Kristyn! Looks good! 🙂

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